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#100happydays #day34 Breakfast at the same table as Sebastian Stan. #LA #SantaMonica #breakfast #stargazing #captainamerica #gossipgirl -simplysophs_

Alternatively: Bucky Barnes trying to figure out the phone Stark gave him, while Steve takes pictures and tries not to laugh. Bucky trying to text Natasha back but it keeps autocorrecting to unfortunate phrases, meanwhile his music is way too loud but doesn’t know how to turn it down so he’s just dealing instead of admitting he needs help. They initially came here to make their lists of things to experience and catch up on, but Bucky got distracted by his phone and Steve, as always, got distracted by him.  

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Once Upon A Time meets: Friends (part 1)

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Steve Rogers is not afraid of strong women.

Steve Rogers is not afraid of strong women.

Stop it with the fic where Steve is terrified of Natasha, or Maria, or Pepper, or guh, Darcy. I guess people think it’s cute, or whatever.

Seriously. Strong women don’t make Steve scared, they make him swoon.

The only thing Steve is afraid of is that strong women won’t like him.

Acting like Steve is afraid of women also ignores one of my favorite moments of the movies, where Steve isn’t sure if Clint can be trusted, but he looks to Natasha and it just takes one nod from her for Steve to be okay with it. He respects people who know what they’re doing, male or female.

Captain feminism

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benefits of being friends with me

  • shitty jokes whenever you ask for them
  • shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them
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okay so i’m not a fan of miley but this is 110% true

It kills me how sad she looks in the second gif. =\

Accurately describes society’s views on women.

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#too much of tension #rum #i need rum #rum is the solution #rum never hurts #rum solves everything

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… Damn it, Dean.

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This needs to be on everyone’s dash

i swear to god this fucking cast man

It looks like Jensen escaped from a 70’s hair band.

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Some people are worth melting for. 

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Dylan O’Brien @ WonderCon 2014 ©

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